3 Benefits of Solar Film for Home Windows

3 Benefits of Solar Film for Home Windows

Applying solar film on windows at home is the equivalent of adding sunscreen to your home. Any room that suffers from excessive heat, bright light, or fading can benefit from solar window film application.

Solar window film is an effective way to protect your skin and your belongings while also cutting your energy costs. It's a terrific investment for any homeowner as you will reap the benefits for years to come. Today, let's look at how it can benefit you and your family once installed.

A Degree of Temperature Moderation

While solar window film alone won’t remove your need for heating or air conditioning, many homeowners report a more temperate environment, with a tangible reduction in their cooling costs during our scorching summer months. This aspect of our solar window film makes it an environmentally friendly choice as well as cost-effective.

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Skin Protection in your Home

Solar film on windows dramatically cuts the levels of UV light that enter your home. Regular glass does little to reduce UV light, meaning your skin is vulnerable to skin damage and skin cancer if you don’t wear sunscreen. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends our solar film as a preventative measure for you and your family.

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Keep your Home Looking its Best

The sunscreen effects of solar film don't stop at your skin. Your soft furnishings, floors, books, artwork and more will also benefit from its UV shielding effects. UV rays can damage the colours in your belongings, causing them to fade over time. While there is no way to eradicate fading, solar film on your home windows will greatly reduce the effects. An item that stays fresh-looking will have a longer lifespan. Longer lasting items mean that, once again, solar film can end up saving you money and being good for your carbon footprint!

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Bonus Benefit!

Solar window film is very versatile; We can install it on any glass surface including doors, arches, and skylights. And it doesn't have to stop at home. Excessive heat can cause a drop off in productivity at the workplace while your skin and belongings will come under fire there too. Applying solar film to your office space is a terrific way to create a safe and moderate working environment.

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