The environmental benefits of solar film

The environmental benefits of solar film

Solar film has many benefits for homeowners and commercial property owners. It can reduce the fading of your belongings and cut UV damage to your skin, but there are also environmental benefits to solar film.

We are becoming increasingly aware of the damage humans are doing to the environment. Reducing your carbon footprint is a terrific way to be involved in environmental clean-up and global warming mitigation.

How can solar film reduce your carbon footprint?

The environmental benefits of solar film are also benefits for your wallet! Solar window film can help moderate your home’s temperature - something that has growing importance to us as our climate becomes more extreme.

As solar film helps to keep your home’s temperature fluctuations at bay, it helps reduce the heat from the sun’s rays, minimizing your usage of air conditioning. With heating and cooling bills rising year on year, you may find that solar film pays for itself over its lifetime. Results fluctuate depending on the layout and specifics of your home, but solar window films can make a tangible difference.

Solar film prolongs the life of your belongings

You are likely aware of how window films can reduce the impact of UV rays on your belongings, reducing fading on soft furniture, carpets, books and more. But have you ever considered the environmental benefits of this?

If your items stay looking new for longer, you will need to replace them less often. Again, this is environmentally friendly through the prolonged life of your existing items and economically friendly for the same reasons!

Why replace your windows when you could just add film?

The traditional alternative to window solar film was tinted glass, which was an expensive way forward and very wasteful. With our versatile window films, you can bring your existing glass to life, lengthening its usefulness and avoiding a costly change of glass… with the old ones ending up in a landfill.

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How do I know if solar film is right for my home?

Solar film can be applied to any glass surface from windows to patio doors. Our expert team can tell you more about it and give you a free quote to install it in your home. Get in touch today to find out how solar film can benefit you and the environment.

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