How to keep your home cool during a heatwave

How to keep your home cool during a heatwave

It’s summer once more in Atlantic Canada and for many, that brings a sense of dread. With our weather becoming increasingly extreme, many of us now struggle with sweltering temperatures inside and out. We’re here to give you some suggestions for how to keep your home cool during a heatwave.

Cool summer breezes are seemingly becoming a thing of the past with temperatures climbing to new highs this year. We only need to look at the news to see the devastation that heat can cause if we are unprepared for it. Keeping our homes cool during a heatwave is now a necessity, giving us a safe haven from blistering temperatures.

How to keep your home cool during a heatwave

When the heat starts to climb, we open windows and create a through-draft, but when the breeze is lacking, many Canadians turn to air conditioning. Air conditioning is expensive, for your wallet (up to 50% of your summer electricity bill!) and your carbon footprint. We are becoming increasingly aware of the effect of our choices on the environment and running a powerful appliance such as air conditioning non-stop doesn’t sit well with many of us.

Then there are the unfortunate health side effects that can occur from the overuse of air conditioning. It can exacerbate existing health conditions, make us fatigued and even circulate air-borne diseases. Not the best move when we are all so hyper-aware of contagions.

An alternative to air conditioning

Solar film is both more economical and more environmentally friendly than air conditioning and will have a surprisingly tangible effect on the temperature of your home. Solar film considerably cuts the heat and glare on hot, sunny days without shutting out the light.

It’s quick and easy for our expert team to apply your film to the inside of your existing windows. Once installed, you’ll barely notice it on your glass, but you will notice its effects.

Solar film may not eradicate your need for air conditioning, but it will help you move away from it running non-stop. Your electricity savings will pay for the film over time and your carbon footprint will reduce too.

Solar film during a heatwave

With fans or air conditioning, you are held hostage in front of the appliance. Solar film can be applied to any glass surface, whether it’s a skylight, a window, or a patio door, giving you the freedom of your home once more.

Hidden benefits of solar film

The summer benefits of solar film don’t stop there. Unlike your air conditioning, it also impacts the UV levels in your home. This protects your belongings from fading, particularly soft furnishings and books, and crucially, cuts the level of UV damage you and your loved ones’ skin is exposed to.

We think of UV damage as occurring out of the home, but even those we are exposed to through glass can be very damaging over time. The Skin Cancer Foundation promotes window films, such as our solar film, as a safe and affordable way to protect your family.

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