• Hurricane protection tips – your pre-season checklist
    Hurricane season is upon us once more. The perfect time to remind yourself of the steps you can (and should!) take now to ensure you and your home get through the season with minimal risk. With a little planning, you can shore up your home or business premises and get the supplies together that you […]
  • Your guide to hurricane window protection
    Hurricane season is upon us once more. With the weather becoming more extreme year on year, protecting our homes and businesses is a pressing concern. Combined with the current global economic situation, cost-effective hurricane window protection is essential in Atlantic Canada. In May this year, the Canadian Hurricane Centre delivered a set of grim predictions […]
  • Does Window Film save energy? And is now the right time to buy?
    Here we are in the summer months once more. Temperatures are climbing, and so are our energy bills. The cost of living is skyrocketing, so we are looking at solar film and how it can impact your energy bills. Most homeowners are trying to tighten their belts at the moment, but people are also preparing […]
  • 3 Benefits of Solar Film for Home Windows
    Applying solar film on windows at home is the equivalent of adding sunscreen to your home. Any room that suffers from excessive heat, bright light, or fading can benefit from solar window film application. Solar window film is an effective way to protect your skin and your belongings while also cutting your energy costs. It's […]
  • Skin Cancer Awareness Month Canada: Can you get skin cancer through a window?
    May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, the perfect opportunity to check you have the information you need to protect your skin and your loved ones. Skin Cancer is the most common cancer worldwide. The 5-year survival rate for melanoma is 99 percent, but it requires vigilance and risk mitigation. Skin Cancer can affect us all, […]
  • 3 bird strike prevention techniques - keep your windows and wildlife safe!
    It’s Spring again in the Maritimes; that means bird strikes are a concern once more as migrating birds travel back to our region. If you are looking for ways to protect the birds and your windows, check out these bird strike prevention tips. Across Canada, window collisions kill 16-42 million birds a year. It is […]
  • The environmental benefits of solar film
    Solar film has many benefits for homeowners and commercial property owners. It can reduce the fading of your belongings and cut UV damage to your skin, but there are also environmental benefits to solar film. We are becoming increasingly aware of the damage humans are doing to the environment. Reducing your carbon footprint is a […]
  • Everything you need to know about Solar Film for Windows
    Solar window film, or solar film, is a homeowner’s secret weapon to controlling the UV effects of the sun without sacrificing your views and natural lighting. Barely detectable once installed, it is the perfect way to reduce issues such as fading and skin damage. Solar window film is a versatile product with many benefits. If […]
  • How to cover glass front doors for privacy
    Abundant glass at the front of your home can bring in plentiful natural sunlight but, it can come at a cost to your privacy. Are you wondering how to create front door privacy? If you are feeling a little exposed, read on to discover a quick and straightforward way to make your home feel a […]
  • How to use commercial window frosting to enhance the image of your business
    Commercial window frosting is nothing new and yet it remains a very popular product. Frosted window film is considerably more cost-effective and versatile than frosted glass and can provide the same aesthetic benefits. Window frosting can be used in a few different ways and applied to any glass surface. Used effectively, it can greatly enhance […]
  • Does Window Security Film Really Work? Our guide to a safe home this holiday season.
    Window security film is an effective crime-stopper and a budget-friendly way to increase the safety of your home. This holiday season, leave your home fully protected as you enjoy the festivities with peace of mind. None of us are anticipating a "normal" holiday season. Households throughout the region will be embracing outdoor festivities and events […]
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