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Hurricane Protection for Windows – the dos and don’ts

Hurricane season is fast approaching. For many Atlantic Canadians, that bring worries of how best to protect their home from these extreme conditions. Windows can be damaged or even destroyed, causing devastation to homes and the potential for injury. Window film can provide hurricane protection for windows without breaking the... Read more →

How to keep your home cool during a heatwave

It’s summer once more in Atlantic Canada and for many, that brings a sense of dread. With our weather becoming increasingly extreme, many of us now struggle with sweltering temperatures inside and out. We’re here to give you some suggestions for how to keep your home cool during a heatwave.... Read more →

Can Solar Film reduce heat and glare?

Summer is nearly here and for many Atlantic Canadians that can mean intense heat, relentless glare and an over-reliance on air conditioning. With our weather becoming increasingly extreme, solar film to reduce heat and glare is a popular and cost-effective option. Window films can be treated to allow versatility in... Read more →

How to increase daytime privacy for your family

Our home has become our haven in an unpredictable world. We’re spending more time indoors with friends and family. If you’re wondering how to increase daytime privacy for your family, we have a simple and cost-effective solution – window film. With the brighter weather starting to appear, daytime privacy can... Read more →

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How Security Window Film Keeps You Safe

Our windows are our crucial connection to the outside world more so now than ever. But with more tumultuous weather and civil unrest on the rise, our security window film is a sound investment to protect your windows and those around you. Security film is a great way to protect... Read more →

The importance of COVID-19 signage for your business

2020 may be drawing to a close but COVID-19 certainly isn’t. Unfortunately, it looks like the worldwide pandemic is here to stay, at least in the short-term. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure customers and staff members stay safe when on your premises – COVID-19 signage... Read more →

Benefits of Anti-graffiti Film for Business and Homeowners

Anti-graffiti film, otherwise known as anti-graffiti coating, is a cost-effective method of preventing permanent damage from graffiti on your property. It can be used on residential or commercial properties and is an effective way to minimize the cost of petty vandalism. Graffiti can be a worry for many a business... Read more →

Benefits of Commercial Frosted Window Film

Any business with an office or shopfront can look more professional and premium by installing commercial frosted film. It isn’t as expensive as you may think and elevates any space that customers may visit. Frosted window film for businesses isn’t a new idea, but it is one that is becoming... Read more →

Benefits of Window Film – Fading Prevention

Every homeowner has experienced the sometimes-extreme effects that sunlight can have on your home furnishings and treasured items. One of the most easily seen benefits of window film is the dramatic reduction of fading. An idly placed book in a sunbeam can quickly become faded, a favorite cushion in a... Read more →

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