Everything you need to know about Solar Film for Windows

Everything you need to know about Solar Film for Windows

Solar window film, or solar film, is a homeowner’s secret weapon to controlling the UV effects of the sun without sacrificing your views and natural lighting. Barely detectable once installed, it is the perfect way to reduce issues such as fading and skin damage.

Solar window film is a versatile product with many benefits. If you’re considering it for your home, here’s everything we think you should know.

What are the aesthetic benefits of solar film?

We have all seen our soft furnishings fade when exposed to harsh sunlight. Just lift a rug and you will likely see a clear line separating your current carpet colour and the colour it used to be. And it’s not just soft furnishings. Artwork, books, clothing, and more can all lose their original colouring as a direct effect of the sun. Solar film blocks up to 99% of UV radiation from entering your home, keeping those prized items looking their best for longer.

What are the health benefits of solar film?

If those UV rays are fading your possessions, just think about what they are doing to your skin. The Skin Cancer Foundation has approved our solar film as a tangible step towards reducing your risk of skin cancer.

How does solar film help to create a more moderate home environment?

With Atlantic Canadian weather becoming predictably extreme, summer months can become unbearable. While not its primary purpose, solar window film can reduce heat from the sun by up to 80%. It additionally will reduce glare, perfect for those who work from home.

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Which rooms should I install solar window film in?

Solar film can be applied to any glass surface in your home, not just windows. You can use solar film on glass doors, skylights, sunrooms and more. Wherever you feel you would reap the benefits, we can install it.

What is solar film made of?

Solar window film is a micro-thin polyester compound. This unique compound was designed to shield your home from the intense heat, glare and damaging UV rays of the sun. With multiple tint options ranging from virtually transparent to deeply shaded, you have flexibility in your look. All our solar films are translucent and cover the whole surface of the glass. As it is made-to-measure, it is incredibly hard to detect once installed if you opt for a near transparent shade… but don’t let that fool you – it is mighty!

How easy is it to install?

Our window films are installed by our friendly, professional team. You can expect us to be at your home for a single day (the amount of time required will be affected by the number of surfaces to be covered) and it is mess-free. We guarantee our work, and the film has a lifetime warranty against peeling, bubbling, changing colour, etc.

How easy is window film to maintain?

Many people worry about how to maintain their window film, but all high-quality films are robust too. You can clean them as you would your normal glass without worrying about damage. Any household non-abrasive cleaners will do fine. Solar film has a scratch guard coating so paper towels or soft cloths will not scratch the surface.

How do I know if solar film is right for my home?

Give us a call! Solar film isn’t the only option available, so we are happy to discuss what you are looking to address in your home and recommend a suitable solution.

Maritime Window Film Specialists is a family-owned business with more than 40 years of experience, serving New Brunswick, PEI, and Nova Scotia. Window films have changed a lot since we began, but our dedication to providing top-quality products with a smile on our faces has not.

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