Can Solar Film reduce heat and glare?

Can Solar Film reduce heat and glare?

Summer is nearly here and for many Atlantic Canadians that can mean intense heat, relentless glare and an over-reliance on air conditioning. With our weather becoming increasingly extreme, solar film to reduce heat and glare is a popular and cost-effective option.

Window films can be treated to allow versatility in their results. Our solar film contains a microthin polyester composition, designed to shield your home from the intense heat and glare.

Does solar film reduce heat and glare?

Absolutely! An impressive up to 80% of the sun’s heat and glare can be reduced by solar film alone. While results may vary dependent on your windows and their location, all the family will notice the more moderate temperature and a significant decrease in glare.

Other benefits of solar film

Our solar film will also greatly reduce the levels of UV light that enter your home, reducing the effects of sunlight on your belongings by reducing fading and on your family by protecting their skin.

The hidden savings of solar film

CBC reported that air conditioning “can account for up to 50% of your summer electricity bill", and this can increase if your air conditioning unit is older and less efficient. While you may still need to run air conditioning with solar film, you should be able to keep the settings lower or turn it off for periods, reducing your electricity bill and your carbon footprint.

Should I get solar film in 2021?

Weather forecasters are reporting that Atlantic Canada should prepare for a Summer of tropical storms, hurricanes and heatwaves this year. Solar film will help to moderate your home temperature through the impending tumultuous Summer. And should the worst happen, and you suffer storm damage, window film will hold the glass in place, reducing the damage and potential injuries.

Where should I apply solar film?

Traditionally, solar window films have been used for skylights and large glass surfaces such as patio doors. They can also make a conservatory or sunroom a more comfortable temperature, without blocking the sunlight.

And now many Canadians have switched to working from home, the combo of heat and glare reduction makes solar film perfect for a home office. No more struggling to see the screen and no more roasting at your desk!

How is solar film applied?

Solar film, like all our films, is applied to the inside of your existing windows by our expert team. Installation is quick and clean and, once installed, you can maintain your film like you would your existing glass.

Alternatives to solar film

If you are looking for privacy along with heat and glare reduction, our privacy film may be a better fit. Installation and care are the same, but privacy film can help reduce visibility from the outside without blocking out the light.

Why Maritime Window Film Specialists?

Maritime Window Film Specialists is a family-owned business with more than 40 years of experience. We serve New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia and have a wide array of film and glass solutions to suit every home and business. Window films have changed a lot since we began, but our dedication to providing top-quality products with a smile on our face has not.

To discuss your window film options and the benefits for your home, get in touch with our team.

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