How to use window Film as a Bird Deterrent

How to use window Film as a Bird Deterrent

Bird deterrent window films can protect the birds and your glass from harm. More rural areas are particularly prone to this issue, which can be easily avoidable. Stop birds hitting windows at your home or business in this nature-friendly step.

As man has built more and increasingly large settlements, nature has got the short straw. Our love of large aesthetically pleasing windows lets light into our homes but confuses nature. Areas of Canada within migratory paths, such as Toronto, now insist on bird deterrents being installed on new builds to allow nature to continue uninterrupted.

An unpleasant impact

If you have ever been distracted and walked into a glass door, you can sympathise with birds. Our increasing use of glass has become a headache for our flying friends and homeowners alike as increasing numbers of birds become dazed and potentially injured from their impact. This can also cause unsightly marks and damage your windows yet is avoidable if you install a bird deterrent.

Why it happens

Birds are unable to grasp the concept of glass and, as such, perceive reflections as a continuation of the landscape. They fly on, obliviously to the glass with the expected result. As many as one billion birds fatally collide with windows in North America annually.

In order to remove the risk to birds and your windows, you need to install a bird deterrent that breaks the image up with a visual cue that things are not as they seem.

Bird deterrent window film

If you are looking to stop birds hitting windows at your home or business, Feather Friendly® is an easy and cost-effective film solution. The subtle dot pattern is printed onto your film, which is then applied to your window. These visual markers break the sightline and alert the birds that all is not what it seems.

If there is a particular window that birds are having issues with, such as a loft window or conservatory this is an easy solution that will protect your windows and passing wildlife. The pattern is minimally intrusive and does not reduce light.

Like all our films, you will not notice it once applied and you can care for it as you would you regular windows. You can have it fitted by a professional or purchase a DIY kit to apply Feather Friendly® yourself.

More about window film

Window film is an adhesive film that can provide a variety of benefits and is quick and easy to have installed. The film is as clear as your glass, and can help:

It doesn’t compromise your views yet is an extra layer of security, whatever your concerns may be. It’s environmentally sound too, as it will reduce how often you need to replace your windows and help to maintain a stable temperature in your home.

You care for it as you would your regular windows and you can amend your design choice as required.

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