The Dangers of Georgian Glass and How to Avoid Them

The Dangers of Georgian Glass and How to Avoid Them

You have likely read about Georgian glass dangers in the press in recent years. Georgian glass (or wire mesh glass as it’s sometimes known) was a common feature in schools, offices, hospitals and some residential properties but is now known to be a hazard. Find out everything you need to know about the dangers of Georgian glass and what you can do if you have it.

Although it was considered a safe and robust option, wired glass, including Georgian glass, has been rated unsafe in recent years. If you have any Georgian glass on your property, the ideal solution is to replace it. That could be a large expense, but luckily you can prevent serious injury from the glass without opting for replacement.

What’s the problem with wire mesh glass?

The Canadian General Standards Board announced in 2017 that wire mesh glass isn’t safe “because it’s not impact-resistant. It can shatter when hit and cause lacerations.” There have been cases documented with horrific, life-changing injuries as the addition of wire halves the impact strength of the glass.

The issue compounds as not only does the glass break, it is pinned in place, remaining in the opening. If you put an arm through wired glass, for example, you will likely experience multiple deep lacerations from the shards of glass and the wiring itself. It sounds extreme, and unfortunately, it is, which is why we wanted to highlight the issue.

Why was wire mesh glass ever used?

While its impact strength has led to safety issues, Georgian glass is fantastic for fire safety. Regular glass can break and even explode when exposed to extreme heat (read on to find out how to prevent that), whereas wired glass is more robust. However, being fire-rated didn't mean the glass was ever safety-rated. It was given an exemption from testing in its first two years as it was the only fire-rated glass on the market; this exemption rolled on. Modern glass products undergo testing for fire and safety before coming to market.

Is Georgian wire glass banned?

Although it doesn't have a safety accreditation, Georgian glass isn't outright banned. Builders are no longer installing it, although that is still a voluntary move; Any existing wire mesh glass is allowed to remain, meaning we haven’t seen an end to related injuries.

How can you protect yourself from wire mesh glass?

If you have Georgian wire glass in your home or workplace, safety film is a cost-efficient solution that avoids replacing the glass. Safety film is thin, transparent and extremely strong. We can add it to your existing glass, reinforcing it so that people won’t be able to go through it or experience lacerations in the event of an accident.

This same solution is great for protecting regular glass from impacts, explosions and more, as it holds the pane in place, minimizing injury and damage. Your glass can be replaced and the film reapplied with minimal hassle.

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