Frost film for business – how to upgrade your aesthetic without breaking the bank

Frost film for business – how to upgrade your aesthetic without breaking the bank

Any business owner wants their business to look its best. Whether you are public-facing or want to help your employees feel you are established and professional, those finishing touches can really make a difference.

The difference between a branded office and an unbranded one is a little like the difference between a house and a home. An office will do what you need it to just fine, but branded frost film for windows or even some unique wall art can elevate the professionalism and style of your space.

When people walk in

If you operate out of a shared space, a wall plaque outside your premises helps to set the tone. It avoids confusion and ensures a good impression before anyone even steps inside. Our team can create bespoke signage that will bring that entranceway to life.

If you have glass outside your premises, either as a door or window, you could opt for window frost film instead. Our window film is made in-house to your bespoke specifications and can be plain frosting or incorporate colour. Perfect for logos that want to make a statement! Our expert team will create and install your design with no mess and minimal disruption.

When they are through the door

Once your customers or employees are through the door there are plenty of cost-effective ways to add branding, and it doesn’t just have to be logos. We encourage you to think outside the box. What will interest your customers or motivate your employees? You can use frost film for windows to display patterns that complement your branding, text such as your tagline or motto, or even add some personalization to private offices.

One of the traditional uses of frost film for business is for privacy. If you have rented an office space that doesn’t meet your requirements, you might want to avoid costly frosted glass refits. Instead, window film can be applied to any glass surface, giving you instant privacy for bathrooms, meeting rooms or anywhere else that needs it. Again, you’re in the driver’s seat; you can opt for opaqueness, an etched design, or anything in between.

On the way out

We know what you’re thinking – how is this different from the way in? But when was the last time you walked out of your premises intentionally looking as you went? Most business owners are focused on reaching a meeting in time or going home when they are leaving. Take the time to really walk the route. Are there less-than-desirable spaces that could use a spruce up? Is there a blank wall that would look much more established if it had a piece of wall art? Think creatively; you will be amazed at the transformation you can make to your premises without breaking the bank.

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