Does Window Film Affect Plants? A Green-fingered Guide to Film

Does Window Film Affect Plants? A Green-fingered Guide to Film

Does window film affect plants? If you have a home brimming with greenery this can be a major concern, but window film is actually beneficial to your houseplants.

Window film is known for cutting the harmful UVA rays from the sun, reducing your risk of skin cancer and helping to protect your home and its belongings from fading. This is often misconstrued and seen as damaging to your indoor window plants, but with the correct window film, your plants will flourish.

UVA not natural light

Standard window glass blocks the majority of UVB rays, and the addition of window film blocks most UVA rays. Most plants only require blue and red light to grow and thrive, which is unaffected by your glass or your window film.

Window film benefits for house plants

  • Plants with dark green leaves tend to require less light than those with brighter, lighter coloured leaves due to their high levels of chlorophyll. These plants can see a benefit from window film by filtering out super-optimal levels of sunlight.
  • Delicate plants may struggle with temperature and light fluctuations throughout the day or the yearly cycle. Window film helps to sustain a stable environment, which means your delicate orchids and venus flytraps may grow better than ever before.
  • Always having to water your plants? After the application of window film, you may find your plants retain moisture better, reducing the need for those little top-ups.

Time to adjust

Plants, like people, need time to adjust to change. Window film can affect plants in the first few days after installation, but this is temporary and no different than if you relocated a plant from the front of the house to the back. You may see some slight wilting or discolouration, but just let your plant adjust to its new situation; it will bounce back within a few days.

Potential things that could be damaging your house plants

Window film can help to solve many an indoor gardener’s woes. Your plants may currently be suffering from:

  • Extreme temperatures such as heat build-up through the glass.
  • Temperature fluctuations that are greater than preferred.
  • Too much UV exposure can damage some plants that were not designed for it.

Does window film affect your plants? Do a test-run.

If you have an indoor plant you are concerned about, do a test-run before you have window film applied. Move the plant to a spot with slightly less direct sunlight. As we mentioned, you can expect a few days of adjustment to occur, but once your plant has been in its new spot for 4 days, you will be able to see if it took the move well. If it did, you should be safe to have window film applied without risking your plants.

Natural light remains

Window film helps to stabilize your home environment for you and your plants by reducing harmful UV rays and minimizing temperature fluctuations while still allowing plenty of natural sunlight into your home. Window film is quick and easy for a professional to install and virtually invisible on your glass.

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