Frost film for business

Frost film for business – how to upgrade your aesthetic without breaking the bank

Any business owner wants their business to look its best. Whether you are public-facing or want to help your employees…

Hurricane protection tips – your pre-season checklist

Hurricane season is upon us once more. The perfect time to remind yourself of the steps you can (and should!)…
Your guide to hurricane window protection

Your guide to hurricane window protection

Hurricane season is upon us once more. With the weather becoming more extreme year on year, protecting our homes and…
Does Window Film save energy? And is now the right time to buy?

Does Window Film save energy? And is now the right time to buy?

Here we are in the summer months once more. Temperatures are climbing, and so are our energy bills. The cost…
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3 Benefits of Solar Film for Home Windows

Applying solar film on windows at home is the equivalent of adding sunscreen to your home. Any room that suffers…

Skin Cancer Awareness Month Canada: Can you get skin cancer through a window?

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, the perfect opportunity to check you have the information you need to protect your…

The environmental benefits of solar film

Solar film has many benefits for homeowners and commercial property owners. It can reduce the fading of your belongings and…

Everything you need to know about Solar Film for Windows

Solar window film, or solar film, is a homeowner’s secret weapon to controlling the UV effects of the sun without…
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How to cover glass front doors for privacy

Abundant glass at the front of your home can bring in plentiful natural sunlight but, it can come at a…

How to use commercial window frosting to enhance the image of your business

Commercial window frosting is nothing new and yet it remains a very popular product. Frosted window film is considerably more…
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