Protecting Your Home from Spring Storms: The Power of Security Window Film

Protecting Your Home from Spring Storms: The Power of Security Window Film

Spring storms can be fierce, with high winds, heavy rain, and sometimes hail posing a threat to our homes and windows. As homeowners, we know safety is your number one concern for your home and your family. Safeguarding your property during unstable weather conditions doesn’t need to incur large expenses, unsightly storm windows, or even replacing your glass. Security window film will provide safety during storms, keeping glass firmly in place, even when broken.

When a window shatters, the damage can be considerable. From further home damage to lacerations, glass shards are a problem that should be mitigated. Of course, windows can break from other sources of damage too – attempted break-ins, accidental damage etc – but the solution remains the same.

Understanding Spring Storms in Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada is no stranger to the power of spring storms, but with extreme weather on the rise, this is becoming a growing concern for many of us. Strong winds, heavy precipitation, and the occasional hail can all take a toll on residential properties. The impact of these weather phenomena on homes and windows often leads to safety hazards, not only at the time of impact but also during the clean-up. If you have had a window break on you, trying to clear sharp glass debris while a storm is still raging can be a peril that we would recommend you avoid.

The Role of Security Window Film

Security window film, also known as safety film, is a specialized product designed to reinforce windows and enhance their ability to withstand external forces. Composed of extremely high-strength polyester and adhesive layers, security window film acts as a protective barrier, holding shattered glass together in the event of an impact. Your windows and glass doors will be significantly structurally improved, making them more resistant to damage from high winds, hail, and flying debris during spring storms.

Should your glass get broken, the window film will hold the glass firm in all but the most extreme scenarios. This means you won’t have to worry about glass damage, and your window fitters can swap the glass out with considerably less mess. Once the new glass is fitted, we can re-add window film, protecting you should the worst happen again.

Near-invisible Protection for Windows

Security window film can be tinted, but if you opt for clear, you’ll find it extremely tricky to detect, meaning it won’t detract from the look of your home. Security window film is designed to keep glass together in case of forceful or accidental glass breakage so on top of storm protection, you will greatly reduce the risk of break-ins, which predominantly target glass as a quick way in.

Installation and Maintenance of Security Film

Our expert team has been creating and installing window film through the Maritimes since 1979, so your installation will be fast and mess-free. Our window film is suitable for glass doors, skylights and windows, so you can add a layer of protection wherever needed.

Once installed, your security window film requires minimal maintenance, making it a cost-effective solution for storm protection. Clean it regularly and gently as you would a normal glass surface.

Protect your Home from Glass Damage

As we face the unpredictable nature of spring storms once again, it’s time to protect your home as best you can. Security window film is a powerful solution to reinforce your windows and ensure safety during these challenging weather conditions. Our job is to help you choose a window film to suit your needs and provide a safe, clean and professional installation with minimal disruption to your daily activities. Be proactive in safeguarding your home and have peace of mind during the stormy season.

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