The importance of COVID-19 signage for your business

The importance of COVID-19 signage for your business

2020 may be drawing to a close but COVID-19 certainly isn’t. Unfortunately, it looks like the worldwide pandemic is here to stay, at least in the short-term. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure customers and staff members stay safe when on your premises – COVID-19 signage helps get your message across.

We hope your business has been able to reopen but it’s unlikely to have done so under the same terms it had previously. Communicating clearly and effectively is an essential part of the process, and COVID-19 signage is a great way to remind people of what they need to do.

Show people you care

It may sound corny but showcasing what your business is doing to keep people safe will help customers and staff relax while going about their business. People want to feel safe; this can be accomplished in many ways such as keeping your premises pristine, ensuring staff are wearing appropriate PPE and showing customers and staff that you have considered the appropriate rules. In more conventional times, declaring restrictions would put your customers on edge, but during COVID, a clear explanation of what is needed will help people feel like you have considered their welfare.

Explain rules specific to your business

The rules and restrictions surrounding COVID-safe behaviors are varied and often sector-specific. If your business operates in a sector that requires close contact, involves working in someone’s home or anything else that involves specific guidance, you must convey this to customers in a way that will resonate with them. A detailed COVID policy is a necessary step but get your key points across quickly and easily with bright graphics and symbols.

Show you are taking it seriously

You could stick up a sheet of A4 with a handwritten note, but people need to know that you have reacted to the situation in a professional way that is in keeping with your business. A professional sign that incorporates your branding is a shorthand way to show how seriously and responsibly you are reacting to the situation.

COVID signage in Canada

Many provinces have created small business grants that cover any expenses you have incurred due to modifications for COVID. These can include our signage. While we can’t guarantee your costs will be covered, we are happy to provide you with any documentation you require to submit a claim.

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