Window films for enhanced garage security and protection from fading

Window films for enhanced garage security and protection from fading

Garage security is a major concern for every homeowner, but if your garage houses classic or luxury cards, artwork or other valuables, it may be an extreme worry for you. Professional thieves often target garages, as they have lax security compared to homes, but you can keep your possessions safe and sound with window film.

Your garage door is likely an easy way into your home, but if you are a collector, you may have prized belongings stored there, making it a target in and of itself. And we’re not just talking crime – damaging UV light can cause fading and permanent damage to items you hold dear.

Security film to help prevent break-ins

Most break-ins happen through breaking glass, whether a window or a glass panel on a door. Garages often have small innocuous-looking windows away from the front of the house. These can make them easy targets for those looking for a quick entry point.

We all hope that we will never be the victim of crime, but if you have classic or luxury cars, artwork or any other collectable item, you will sleep more soundly if you take some simple steps – make sure you have sufficient insurance and have security film applied to your glass surfaces.

Security film is nearly invisible once applied, but makes it very difficult for windows to be shattered. It can slow down the break-in process so much that they deter the vast majority of thieves. These super-strong films keep the glass in place in case of accidents or vandalism. Even the thinnest of films will form a tough barrier, making your glass much harder to penetrate than expected. It’s a cost-effective way to give you peace of mind about your most treasured items.

Solar film to help keep your items looking their best

Of course, when we talk about damage to your garage items, it’s not just a matter of security! Harmful UV rays can cause serious, irreversible damage to everything from cars to paintings to books to soft furnishings. We’ve all seen those tell-tale fading marks when we lift a rug or leave books on the windowsill. This fading is constantly occurring to any items exposed to direct light.

Solar film can block out up to 99% of the sun's devastating UV rays, keeping your belongings the colour they started for considerably longer. Solar film will also remove glare from the sun, allowing you to enjoy your possessions more fully.

Privacy film to give you some space

Garages can be rather exposed, but if you’re looking for privacy, privacy window film will help you shut out the outside world and focus on your hobbies.

Frosted glass is an expensive and limited solution, but with privacy window film, any glass surface can be tailored to the level of privacy you need.

Your garage, just how you want it

From cars to woodworking, your garage is a space unique to you, so embrace it! Whether you want to woodwork in peace or protect a sports car from the sun, window film can be fitted to any glass surface without any mess or disruption.

All our films are guaranteed on installation. Window film has an average life of 10-20 years, making it a fantastic investment. Maritime Window Film Specialists have been the Maritimes' leader in window film for more than 40 years. We serve New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia and are proud to serve businesses throughout Atlantic Canada.

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