How to prepare your shop window display for the upcoming retail season

How to prepare your shop window display for the upcoming retail season

The peak retail season is just around the corner – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. If you own a retail store, chances are you are hard at work preparing a lavish window display that your customer’s simply won’t be able to say no to. Depending on your goods, there are some steps you should take to keep your stock looking its best for all those watchful eyes.

Retail businesses make most of their profit in the final quarter of the year, often more than the rest of the year combined. There are outliers, but as a whole, Q4 is the height of the season; storeowners must capitalize on it. These tips will help make sure your window looks alluring while your stock looks its absolute best.

Get seasonal

It may seem obvious but have some fun with your window display! Add festive nods wherever appropriate, and try to include something sneaky that will make customers smile. You could even leave a friendly note or joke if it is appropriate for your business.

Light your items well

The winter months can be pretty lacklustre in terms of direct sunlight, but don’t let your display window pay the price. A small amount of LED lighting, placed strategically, can bring a window display to life. Flashing lights can distract from your goods, however. They can make it hard to focus on the items for extended periods.

Avoid UV damage

This advice is particularly important for those selling books, art, soft furnishings, clothing, or anything else that can quickly become faded from sunlight. Although the levels of sunlight are lower during the winter, UV light does not dip as dramatically as most believe it does. Leaving susceptible items in your window display can quickly lead to discolouration – not an ideal look for selling the deal! This can be quickly and easily fixed with our UV filter window film. It is quick and mess-free for our team to apply and will ensure your goods look their best throughout the season.

Consider the temperature

This advice is crucial if you are selling food or drink, even on a seasonal basis. Everything from canned drinks to chocolate can become overheated from exterior sources (low sun directly on the window) and interior sources (heaters). Avoid placing heaters near your window and use our window film to reduce heat from outside. Reduce the heat, reduce the damage; your goods will stay fresher for longer, leading to happier customers and no stock write-offs.

Glaringly obvious

If you sell something that requires a keen eye, such as books, maps, artwork, or collectible items, your customers need to be able to see the item clearly. Window film can reduce the glare from the sun and lighting sources, helping those looking to purchase make that final decision.

Secure your window

Every great window display takes time, hard work and likely involves putting out plentiful stock from your more premium ranges. Consider fitting security features to keep your window safe and secure. You could consider keeping it under scrutiny through security cameras. Use a metal shutter door when you go home for the night to remove its appeal from prying eyes. Have a security film installed to hold the glass in place should someone attempt a break-in or be looking to vandalize your careful work.

Window displays that last till you remove them

With a few quick tweaks, your retail window display can outlast its purpose. Fading, heat damage, poor lighting… these can all create effects that will lead customers to overlook your store at a time you need them most. If you are looking to protect your display while maximizing its visual impact, nothing is more cost-effective than window film. Cut excess heat, remove glare, and forget about sun-related fading when our team quickly installs window film to your store. You won’t see it, and neither will your customers, but you will notice the bright colours remain.

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