How to increase daytime privacy for your family

How to increase daytime privacy for your family

Our home has become our haven in an unpredictable world. We’re spending more time indoors with friends and family. If you’re wondering how to increase daytime privacy for your family, we have a simple and cost-effective solution – window film.

With the brighter weather starting to appear, daytime privacy can become a concern for many families. Maybe you have young children, like to exercise without prying eyes, or just don’t want your neighbours watching you cook in your kitchen. We all value privacy, whether it is for our own purposes or our children’s, and you can increase daytime privacy quickly with a simple window film installation.

What is privacy film?

Window film, in general, is a thin covering that is applied to your existing windows that can be used for cosmetic or beneficial purposes. It is a significantly cheaper alternative than replacing your glass and can be fitted in a day with minimal mess and disturbance.

Our privacy film is a frosted film, which offers day and night-time privacy through its degree of opaqueness. Depending on your needs, you may want a subtle effect for living rooms and bedrooms or a fully opaque look for bathrooms and other rooms where you want to maximize your daytime privacy.

We also offer reflective window film, a darker film that allows you to see outside while maintaining your daytime privacy. Get daytime views without concern of being seen from outside when you install this window film in your home. Perfect for families who value privacy above all else.

How will privacy film look on my glass?

While many of our window films are extremely hard to notice, privacy films are specifically designed to increase daytime privacy and, as such, will obscure views from the outside. However, the effect on the lighting in your home will be minimal and much less than using traditional mirrored glass. Our films may filter light, but they will still let plentiful natural sunlight into your home.

Benefits of privacy film

  • A durable solution to daytime privacy
  • Cheaper and easier to install than alternative solutions
  • Immediately effective
  • Environmentally-friendly as it can help prolong the replacement of your windows

Balance daytime privacy with light levels

Window films are highly customizable. Think about the specific needs of you and your family on a room-to-room basis. Which rooms face onto neighbours or pathways? Which rooms need full privacy vs a slightly obscured view? The choice is yours; consider how your family would benefit from each window having film applied. Only you know your family’s habits, but we will be happy to advise you on the best solutions for your home.

More about privacy film.

Why Maritime Window Film Specialists?

Maritime Window Film Specialists is a family-owned business with more than 40 years of experience. We serve New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia and have a wide array of film and glass solutions to suit every home and business. Window films have changed a lot over the years, but our dedication to providing top quality products has not.

To discuss your privacy film and other window film options, get in touch with our team.

Think window film; think Maritime Window Film Specialists.

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