How solar film can transform your restaurant

How solar film can transform your restaurant

Today's competitive restaurant market means consumers want more than just a quick bite to eat. The atmosphere you can create is just as important as the food and drink you serve. Solar window film can enhance your restaurant in a subtle yet tangible way.

The outlook is promising for our thriving restaurants and cafés here in Atlantic Canada. Industry reports suggest that in 2023, food service sales will surpass their pre-pandemic levels. But with people willing to spend to enjoy a meal with loved ones, is your restaurant ready to deliver an exceptional experience?

Benefits of solar window film for restaurant owners

Today, we’re looking at how cost-effective solar window film can transform your customer space. Some benefits are enhanced depending on the season, while there are also plenty of year-round benefits for your business.

  1. Moderate the temperature. Atlantic Canada has struggled with some extreme weather over the last few years. Customers gravitate towards window seats, yet these are most likely to suffer from temperature swings. Solar film can moderate temperatures in your restaurant, reducing the amount of air conditioning or heating you need to run to achieve the same effect. Bonus benefit: You can highlight your usage of solar film as one of the steps your restaurant is taking to reduce its carbon footprint.
  2. Create a lighter, less glare-filled atmosphere. Your customers will have an improved experience when looking out the window. Solar window film will help you create a lighter atmosphere without the need for costly new glass. By diminishing the sun's intense glare, solar window film improves interior comfort, preventing eye strain and excessive light pollution.
  3. Keep your restaurant looking its best. We’re sure you have noticed the damaging effects of sunlight on your soft furnishing, artwork, tabletops and even menus. Direct rays of the sun, even through glass, can cause dramatic fading, making your restaurant setting look less cared for than it is. Solar film drastically reduces the level of UV that can penetrate your establishment, keeping your restaurant looking pristine for longer.
  4. Protect your staff’s skin. Your employees will love the more moderate temperatures, but they will also benefit in a less visible way. The same UV damage that occurs to your furnishings also affects our skin. Solar window film is like applying sun cream to your restaurant, reducing the skin damage for your staff.

How is a solar film applied?

Solar film is quick and easy for our team to install on any glass surface, such as windows, skylights, glass doors etc. There is no downtime needed for your restaurant for clean up or noise. All we need is access to the glass; your restaurant will see the benefits immediately.

Does solar film require specific maintenance?

Your restaurant can maintain your window film easily as all high-quality film is highly robust. Clean them as you would your regular glass using a non-abrasive cleaner. The solar film has a scratch guard coating, so paper towels or soft cloths will not damage the surface.

How long does solar film last?

All our films are guaranteed on installation. Window film has an average life of 10-20 years, making it a fantastic investment for your business.

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Maritime Window Film Specialists have been the Maritimes' leader in window film for over 40 years. We serve New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia and are proud to serve businesses throughout Atlantic Canada. We offer solar film and frosted film with a wide variety of bespoke options available.

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