The best 2 window films for a relaxing summer home experience

The best 2 window films for a relaxing summer home experience

Atlantic Canada is a popular summer home location, but summer homes often escape the love and care of our primary residence. Security and UV film will help you ensure you enjoy your investment for years to come.

Whether it’s your first home or summer home, window film can make a tangible difference in how much you can enjoy your home during the summer months. With temperatures rising and storms becoming less predictable, you may want this quick and simple upgrade to your summer home.

How window film can enhance your summer home experience

The very nature of a summer home means you are likely in it only at certain times of the year and at times that you anticipate the weather being hot and sunny. Our window film can help you stay cool and comfortable in your summer home and keep it secure and pristine during the cooler months.

Window film for summer months

If recent weather trends continue, your primary concern in your summer home is likely to be staying as cool as you can, or at least moderating the temperature. UV window film blocks up to 99.9% of the sun’s rays from penetrating your home, stopping it at the glass. The result is a more comfortable ambient temperature and a lower air conditioning bill!

This near-invisible film can enhance your experience in your summer home, letting in ample light while keeping you and your family more comfortable indoors. After all, we all need somewhere to cool down and relax in between the summer fun.

In our opinion, there is no top UV-blocking window film recommended for summer in Atlantic Canada. We stock a wide range of films to ensure we have the best option for your home or business as every space is unique!

Window film for winter months

UV window film remains an extremely useful add-on to your summer home in the cooler months. Even in winter, UV light can cause damage to your furnishings and belongings. You will see this damage as fading on your soft furnishings, flooring, books and artwork. By blocking a significant portion of the UV light, your summer home will look as you left it when you return.

Security for summer homes

Of course, an unoccupied property leads to other concerns too. Security is bound to play on your mind, especially if you live far from your Atlantic getaway. Security film is a powerful deterrent for potential home invaders.

Again, this film is nearly invisible but has extreme tensile strength. Most break-ins occur through forced entry by smashing glass on doors or through windowpanes. Security window film is an absolute nightmare for burglars. Even if they break the glass, the film holds it firmly in place. Considerable effort is required to break through; due to the unexpected frustration and extra noisy work, most criminals will abandon their endeavours.

Again, we can’t recommend a top security window film for Atlantic Canada as different spaces have varying needs, but we can advise you on the best film for you once we have seen your home.

Enjoy your summer home

Both security and UV window film are cost-effective ways to address your concerns with your summer home. Your free time is precious; we want to help you make the most of it while you enjoy the summer sights and sounds of Atlantic Canada. Talk to us today for a free quote for one or both of our summer home films.

With more than 40 years of experience and happy customers across the Maritimes, you can trust us to fit the perfect film with professionalism and a smile.

Think window film; think Maritime Window Film Specialists.

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